How to Remove Chickenpox Scars?

Scratching chickenpox blisters excessively can lead to damage. In the event that your skin is damaged by deep wounds, the body will begin producing tissues that are thicker than the skin in an effort to repair it, or as what we know as scar tissue. Today, there are numerous people who are seeking ways on how to fade or get rid of their chicken pox scars, particularly when they are on the face. So you are finally decided to lighten these scars and bring back your confidence, if that so, be sure that you have looked at all your options on how you can treat the scars left by chickenpox virus.

Number 1. Retinol – this has been clinically tested and proven to help in boosting your body’s production of collagen. In a study carried out by scientists and experts, they found out that glycolic acids as well as retinol on acne scars can deliver at least 90 percent chance to improve your skin condition. Applying retinol cream to scars every night before you sleep can stimulate collagen in that area. If you are not used to this on the other hand, you might try doing it every other day.

Number 2. Exfoliants – exfoliation can help to remove the old or dead skin cells to be able to make room for better and younger looking skin. With this being said, the parts of the skin that’s rough or pigmented can be removed through exfoliation. As a matter of fact, exfoliation comes in two different types and these are chemical and mechanical. Now in the latter, this one includes face and body scrubs, brushes and some other tools. It has to be used on your scar and be applied in circular motion.

Number 3. Scar removal creams – OTC or over the counter scar removal creams do contain several combinations of ingredients that are believed to reduce or prevent the appearance of scars. Despite the fact that there’s only few clinical evidence of it, a lot of people use it and find it useful in removing chicken pox scars.

Whether your scar is just new or if it has been there for quite a while would be the basis of which product to buy. To ensure that you are going to get the best chicken pox scars removal, it will be wise to talk to your dermatologist and ask for their suggestion.

The aforementioned treatment solutions for scars are all over the counter. In other words, you can buy them on your nearest drug store or you can get it from your doctor. In case that none worked in chicken pox scars removals, there are professional treatments that you may try like punch excision and excision, fillers as well as microneedling.

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